Yoshinori Ishii

 Our inspiration for Skandl Fjord comes from the island fishing community of Veiholmen, north-west Norway. It's here under the gaze of white-tailed eagles and colourful night skies that our family boathouse has sat quietly on the archipelago waters at the edge of the Norwegian Sea.  


Fishing in such a special place you appreciate the connection between nature and food. The experience of enjoying seafood minutes from the water caught with respect and prepared with care was something we wanted to share with our friends in London and around the world. 


 Our formula is simple; the best native and Nordic seafoods, harvested with care and delivered to our partner kitchens within hours. No complex supply chains, just an expert team relentless about quality, presenting the very best nature can offer to the world's leading chefs.  




Skandinavia Expedition

At dawn, nine of the UK's most influential chefs met at London's Heathrow airport ready to embark on a secret food expedition that would take them into the heart of the Norwegian Sea. 


 Over the course of the expedition, our team of chefs toured Norway, beginning at the legendary kitchens of Oslo's Maaemo restaurant before proceeding North across the mountains of Oppland, arriving under darkness onto the remote islands of Smøla. 


  Together with our partners at Volvo Cars and the Big Green Egg, our chefs fished, dived and foraged, cooking feasts for hundreds of local islanders all against a backdrop of wild nature and gale force storms.


So that we may share this very special story our own Skandl film crew and expedition photographer were on hand. We invite you to join us as we journey into the Nordic wilds on our four-part expedition. 









“The difficult is what takes a little time, the impossible is what takes a little longer"
Fridtjof Nansen

 Everyone should be able to experience special seafood and premium ingredients at home, just like London's top chefs. That's why we launched Skandl Market, bringing our years of experience at the highest level to deliver the very best nature can offer to your home. 

Whether you're seeking Juniper Smoked Salmon, Bélon Gillardeau Oysters, Luxurious Sauces or Sumptuous Blue Lobster direct from the crystal waters of St Ives, the Skandl Market is here to open up a hidden world of next-level seafood and seasonal ingredients for your kitchen. 


Join the Skandl Market weekly foodies club today and experience the world's best seafood delivered directly to your door by the experts.  

*The Skandl Market online shop will be launching in Spring 2021 with an exclusive selection of premium seafood and deli items* 


We love hearing from the world. Whether you would like to serve our seafood in your restaurant, have questions about the Skandinavia Expedition or simply want to be more Viking, drop us a note.

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