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Welcome to SKANDL, where a unique world of food and experiences awaits you. Created by passionate chefs and food lovers, our vision is to provide exceptional groceries, culinary experiences and superior private aviation dining to our family of customers in the UK and beyond. 


Our heritage lies in supporting a combined fifty Michelin- stars with the finest seafood and seasonal ingredients available. Working alongside some of the greatest culinary names in the business, we supported their visions for the plate, sourcing unique wild ingredients from the fjords of Iceland to the forests of Umbria and the crystal waters of St Ives.  


 We now bring our passion and years of experience at the highest level to your plate. Whether you're seeking unrivalled on-demand seasonal groceries, planning a special food event at home or abroad or simply want to enjoy next-level dishes amongst the clouds, welcome to a food and experiences company that does things a little differently. 

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James Hagen, Founder


 What started as an underground seafood club during the pandemic has flourished into a vibrant grocery community with thousands of food lovers enjoying access to unrivalled meat, wild seafood and specialist produce. 

Our grocery selection is led entirely by the seasons and we have a relentless commitment to traceability, sustainability and animal welfare that guides everything that we offer. We also work to support and invest in smaller artisan producers ranging from day boats in Port Isaac to smokeries in Oxfordshire and melon farms in Italies' Emilia- Romagna.

Much of what we offer is the very same that we have supported London's elite professional kitchens with so you can be assured of uncompromising quality and access to a world of next-level grocery ingredients. 



Food is something that has brought us together across the ages. That is why we have created a special culinary operations team at SKANDL to make sure your food dreams become a reality at home and beyond. 

Led by our culinary director and executive chef, SKANDL features an in-house team of senior chefs with a wealth of experience in multiple cuisines from casual dining to Europe's leading 3-star restaurants.


For more specialised projects we have built our own community of iconic partner chefs, many of whom are currently leading some of the UK and Europe's most exciting restaurants, food projects and brands. 

Whether you are planning a special meal, a unique private cookery masterclass or require support in your chalet or on the yacht, our expert team are on standby to support you across the UK and around the world.

“The difficult is what takes a little time, the impossible is what takes a little longer"
Fridtjof Nansen

We love hearing from the world! If you would like to enjoy special groceries at home, explore experiences with our chefs or would like our team to support your private aircraft drop us a note and say hello.

Thank you so much for reaching out to us! A member of the SKANDL team will be in touch with you very shortly.



Entering the private aviation food space came naturally to SKANDL. With proprietary access to some of the finest ingredients in the world and a team of skilled chefs on hand, our vision is to enrich the experience of travellers and crew onboard private aircraft. 


 Our menus are created with the seasons and we have enlisted the help of flavour specialists from Nordic food labs to account for the taste differences when enjoying dishes served at 45'000 feet. 


  Combined with our cloud sommelier, concierge and expert in-house logistics team we are able to seamlessly support ultra-long-range private aircraft and crew operating from all major UK private airports. 


We have completed a successful trial phase with a fleet of Global Express 6000 partner aircraft and are now opening up our offering to additional primary partners as part of our phased launch. 

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